Shop Ecoavenue!

EcoAvenue imageWelcome to Ecoavenue!  As a companion shopping service of The Green Samaritan, we are excited to share our handpicked, curated collection of everyday products to inspire clean, green, healthy and happy living! Plus a portion of proceeds will go back to The Green Samaritan’s philanthropic efforts.

Our curated categories include Green & Clean, Smoothie Starters, Fit, Flexed & Balanced Body and more. So if you are thinking less waste, non-toxic, organic,  healthier, cleaner, eco-friendly options for your family, home, health and well-being, visit the full shop right here.

So hop on over to Ecoavenue now where you can learn, shop, give and receive!

ecoavenue_final high res

Showcasing products via Amazon, we will receive a small fee for any sales made through Ecoavenue. This will help power our efforts to continue to review and share great items with you.  Thank you for your support!

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