Green and Easy-Going Ways to Spend the Rest of Summer

The Frog PondWith amusement parks, water slides and so many other pre-fab ways to spend summertime, here are a few back to basic ideas on how to enjoy the rest of the summer in a simpler and more easy-going fashion.

  • Get to the water and connect.  Maybe it’s the beach, a mountain pond or walking through the tiny neighborhood creek.  Take notice of the surroundings and wildlife and consider how we are all connected to
    nature. And if you see any litter along the way, pick that up instead.
  • Stop at that roadside produce stand, go to your local farmers market or evencool, juicy wege of watermelon for hot summer days
    the grocery store and pick up a fresh watermelon.  Nothing tastes better in the heat of the day, than a juicy, cool wedge.
  • Skip the movies one night and spend some time under the real stars.   August is abundant with sky watching opportunities according to StarDate.  And mark your calendar for the next meteor shower, Perseids , on the evening of August 10th.
  • Read a classic, whatever that might be to youThe Catcher in the Rye, Lord of Classic novelsthe Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird from this classic novel list.  E-book readers get the job done, but there’s something said about reading an actual book, especially if it’s a vintage hardback.
  •  Power down so you can power up with your kids, friends and family.  Enough of Pokemon Go!  Take some time away from the screen, smart phone and monitor.  Just unplug, find a shady spot to sit, enjoy the surroundings and be grateful.

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