Product Review: A Cleaner and Greener Sleep with Natural Talalay Latex Pillows

As holidays approach, I am already thinking of family gifts to give that will be unique and something that may not normally be purchased by the receiver.  My goal is to avoid the mall at all costs and either shop responsibly online or in person with local merchants.

One idea that came to mind for our household, as well as family members, was that of a more natural pillow option.  How nice to lay your head on a pillow that offers a cleaner and greener sleep.  Having kids with allergies, what they sleep in and on is always a priority.   Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by Plushbeds and offered a pair of their natural talalay latex pillows to review.  Perfect timing, so I was grateful to receive a complimentary pair.

In doing some research on latex, here are the general benefits:

  • Natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees which means no chemicals,  no pesticide treated cotton and more, versus its synthetic counterpart which is made from petrochemicals and requires airing out before use.   People with allergies may be extra sensitive to the synthetic version.
  • Latex is firm, yet bouncy at the same time and will easily conform to your head to align your neck and spine for a more restful sleep even as you move about.
  • Latex is very hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.  The open cell structure of latex breathes while you sleep so sweat, (yuck – but you know it happens) and moisture from your breath does not get soaked up into your pillow as with a traditional cotton pillow.  This lack of moisture therefore does not attract dust mites which are known to be one of the top reasons for indoor allergies and asthma.  Latex pillows and mattresses are often recommended as one of many options to reduce dust mites in the household.
  • Natural latex will last years longer than the traditional pillow so when comparing costs, keep in mind the benefit here.

These are all enticing reasons for me to try out natural latex – especially for the allergy reasons.

Plushbeds natural talalay latex pillows are derived from sustainably-harvested botanical latex and have all the benefits mentioned above.  The pillows I received were a standard, but generous size.  The pillow maintains its form and though at first glance may not look as comfortable as a fluffy cotton or feather pillow, certainly proves otherwise.  I really didn’t think I would enjoy sleeping on it but did find it to be very comfortable and easy to adjust to.   The pillow comes with a zippered cotton cover to easily remove for washing.  Of course, the biggest motivators are the hypoallergenic and antimicrobial features as well as the durability over time versus a traditional pillow.

Special Offer for Green Samaritan Readers:

Plushbeds currently offers the pillows as a bonus gift for the purchase of a latex mattress but for a limited time is offering them as a separate item for sale at a promotional discount to TGS readers.  Simply call  1-888-449-5738 to order and mention this review for a buy one get one free promotion (limited to one offer per household).   Normally, a Plushbed natural talalay latex pillow sells for $79, $89, or $99 each (Standard, Queen, and King Sizes).  With this special promotion of $79 for two standard size, $89 for two Queen size or $99 for two King size pillows, there is no tax and free shipping, making this a great incentive to buy as a unique gift or to treat yourself to the gift of a cleaner, greener and healthier sleep.




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