10 Simple & Sustainable Ways to Keep it Going for Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day has come and gone and there have been lots of activities going around the last few weeks.  And you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the ads, promotions and information you gathered and read online and off.  Now that the official day is over and we are back to our regular routines, now what?

Here are a few simple and sustainable thoughts I have about how to keep it going for Earth Day, any and every day.

10. Spend a few minutes outside to decompress by taking three breaths. Be present to the sounds and sights the world has to offer be it your own backyard or nearby park.

9. Spend time in your garden truly appreciating the efforts you have put forth or visit your local farmer’s market to pick out your own fruits and vegetables. In either case, farm to table is kinder to the environment, as well as to your body and soul.

8. Take a walk in a different park or take a walk with a neighbor around your block. If you see any litter, pick it up to make the scenery even more enjoyable and then send good energy back out to the one so that they may think twice about their actions next time. You never know what you might pick up.  I found a 20th Anniversary Earth Day Poster at someone’s curb…how ironic is that!

7. Now that the days are longer, unplug and turn off the lights and enjoy the natural lighting in your home.

6. Think precycling as well as recycling. Is there another option with less packaging? Can the item or packaging materials then be recycled? Make sure you know all the acceptable items your City will take.

5. Celebrate freedom from plastic bags with a reusable tote. In fact celebrate freedom from any disposable item when you can bring or use a reusable instead like water bottles, coffee mugs, utensils, cloth napkins and dishtowels.

4. Be thankful for the abundance of clean water available at your fingertips compared with so many across the world.  How can you conserve your water usage, even by just a little.

3. Grab a blanket and or lawn chair and watch the clouds go by on sunny day. Do this with a child for added imagination and fun. Take in the warmth and be witness to the power of the sun.

2. Don’t run from or swat at that bee!  Take a moment to realize everything is interconnected and plays a part in our ecosystem.

1. And if you are with me, I’d love to know how you are keeping it simple and sustainable each and everyday too. Send me a tweet @GreenSamaritan, share  on Facebook or leave a comment below.

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