Reduce-Reuse-Recycle that Holiday Waste


Whew! With households generating an additional 25% in waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, that another 6 million tons of trash floating around.  Here are a few quick tips to help reduce your excess waste and impact on the planet.

  • Recycle all corrugated boxes and chipboard.  If a box is brown on the inside your local municipality  may accept it. Check the website for all acceptable materials and any nearby drop-off locations.  Our recycle bin is full and our pick up isn’t until next week, so rather than leaving the excess boxes to clutter up my garage, off to a drop-off today!
  • Keep and reuse any gift bags and boxes for next year. If possible, do the same for any wrapping paper and bows.
  • Recycle Christmas cards (except for photos) or tear off the front of the cards and send to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.  They will in turn create and sell new cards with proceeds going back to the hospital. You can also reuse the front of the cards as gift tags or other decorations.
  • Keep photo cards to enjoy for future holidays.  Punch a hole in the corner and put on a key ring or any larger metal ring for easy storage and review.
  • Donate your Christmas tree to your local zoo. Our local center will place in the exhibits and hide treats in the branches for the animals.
  • Plan ahead for next year.  Consider buying gift bags to include cloth that can be reused and wrapping paper made from recycled materials and earth-friendly ink.  Forgo the bag of bows and use fabric ribbon that can also be reused.

What other ideas do you have to share.  Leave a comment below!

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