The Conventional Egg Vs The Farm Fresh Egg

The kids and I got curious about just how different a conventional egg is from the grocery store compared to a farm, fresh egg.

For about the last year or so, we have been buying our eggs from a local nursery and garden that also has chickens on site to include Araucanas, the kind Martha Stewart keeps that lay blue and green eggs.  They reuse traditional egg cartons and have them available in a refrigerator.  They boys love to open the various cartons and hand-select the dozen we will take home based on size and color.  $3.00 a dozen and all on the honor system with a tin can in the fridge door to drop the money in.  A really fun and heartwarming way to purchase.

As part of our experiment, we also grabbed a 1/2 dozen white eggs from the grocery store and cracked ’em open.  Now we’re not going to go into how these chickens are raised in small, overcrowded, dark, confined spaces or what they eat.  Or by the time the eggs reach the store much of the nutritional value is lost,  or recap the half a billion egg recall episode from last August and then again in November.  None of that here.

However, if you are curious to know if there is actually a difference, then take a closer look and study the picture of each egg.

The store bought egg vs the farm fresh eggNotice that the yolk of the  farm egg is larger and richer in color.  The white of the egg is perfectly clear compared to the conventional egg.  Though difficult to show, is the thickness of the egg shell itself.  Conventional eggs are often already broken in the carton while still in the store.  My experience with free-range eggs or organic eggs is that the shell is much harder and you really have to give it a good whack to crack it open.  And did I mention the taste?  Big difference there too.

Food for thought!  What do you think?




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