Product Review: Puristics Anti-Aging Skin Care

With more and more concern about what we are putting onto our skin and uncertainty as to what truly is a healthy option, I’m  always glad to learn and share more about healthy and affordable skin care options.  Scerene Healthcare reached out to me to introduce Puristics, a new line of personal care products made from only pure, naturally occurring ingredients and compounds. Puristics defines pure as free from harmful chemicals.  As well all products are naturally preserved and fragrance free, do not contain paragens, phthalates or sulfates and are hypoallergenic. Plus no animal testing.

Launching regionally here in my home state of North Carolina and also Colorado, the company sent me a few of their anti-aging product to try out –  Totally Ageless Night Recovery Cream, Totally Ageless Anti-Aging Daily Lotion SPF 15 and Totally Ageless Intensive Eye Treatment.  In addition, they also have a line of product for babies and personal hygiene.

I’ve been using for about six weeks and overall found them to be effective with good results.  I especially liked the Puristics Anti-Aging productseye cream and also liked the fact the the daily lotion  has a sunscreen built in.  The price for each product is around $21.99 and is now available at Harris Teeter and Rite Aid in North Carolina as well as online at

Puristics also commissioned an independent laboratory to conduct a clinical study during the Fall of 2010 to measure the effectiveness of the  Totally Ageless Advanced Skin Rejuvenating Lotion. Thirty-five women, of all skin types, aged 35-59 years old used the product everyday for four weeks, returning to the laboratory weekly for evaluations.  Results were positive and compelling. You can read more about the study here.

As with many skin care lines, packaging can be tough to recycle.  When I asked the company about the packaging, co-founder M’lou Arnett responded by explaining that because Puristics products are all formulated to be pure and free from any potentially harmful chemicals, they don’t use any synthetic preservatives.  This requires that the use airless pumps for the primary packaging of the skin care products, and limits the choices available to ensure that  product integrity and purity is maintained over time.  As they continue to investigate packaging options, I would love to see a more earth-friendly box at a minimum.

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