Weekly Round-Up: Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

With sniffles, congestion and wooziness in full force, (and yes, I feel like this little girl), this round-up shares a few ideas to stay healthy and feel good during the cold and flu season.

The Urban Times questions, “Are You Healthy – Your pH knows”.  Simple at home testing of your pH balance can determine if you are out of balance and more acidic, therefore more prone to sickness.  Discovering this early and making changes to your diet by eating more fruits and veggies can turn your body in the right direction.

A quick recipe for Fennel Tea from Sustain Lane sounds easy enough to make to soothe a sore throat and help with respiratory issues.

If you like cookbooks and healthy recipes, Smiling Green Mom reviews (and is giving away)  Dr. Josh Axe “The Real Food Diet Cookbook”. According to her, this cookbook goes beyond recipes with helpful information about the ABC’s of cooking, equipment, and label reading as well as a food matching guide.  And when we are not feeling good, Dr. Axe also includes recipes to consider that are a better alternative to the processed chicken noodle soup.

And Beth over at My Plastic-Free Life reviews a nifty item to help reduce tissue use during the nose-blowing season – HankyBook.  These are organic cotton, washable hankies bound together like books that are much neater than using a large handkerchief.    Bless you!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay healthy!

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