5 Quick Ways to go Paperless in the Kitchen

5 Ways to go paperless in the kitchenPaper, paper, paper!  Here, there, everywhere. As it relates to the kitchen, the hub of most homes, here are five quick ways to go paperless and keep waste to a minimum.

  • Cloth  napkins: Really no reason to buy paper napkins for everyday use when cloth napkins are readily available.  From beautiful modern, organic prints as your local or online eco-boutique to cheap solids at the dollar store or vintage sets at the second hand shop, grab a set or two and you’ll find making the switch is easier than you think.
  • Cloth towels: As mentioned above, forgo the paper towels or at least reduce the number you buy and start using cloth dish towels for spills, drying, and cleaning.  A few microfiber towels on hand also make cleaning stainless steel, chrome, glass and tile a cinch with no waste.  A few extra towels or napkins in the laundry really doesn’t make that big a difference or create any more work.
  • Grocery Lists: Bet this list doesn’t change that much from week to week.  Milk, bread, fruit, etc. so why write down a new list each week.  Download a smartphone app –  like Grocery Gadgetor many of the free apps out Grocery Cart Don’t forget to bring your bags!

    there like Grocery IQ.  If you operate best with paper in hand, consider getting a laminated master list and check off items with a dry erase marker.  You can also download a variety of lists from The Ultimatest Grocery List and laminate yourself or just slip into a sheet protector for continual use. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to bring your bags!

  • Recipes: While it’s fun to search and  print off great recipes you find online, it only means more paper to deal with.  Just like with the grocery lists, there are also many apps to download to your phone as well to help organize or be a source of recipes right at your fingertips.

Whether you do one or all, small steps that collectively can make a big difference in terms clutter, waste and resources.

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