2010 TGS Year in Review

Happy New Year! As we approach new days ahead, here’s a look back at favorite posts from 2010.

January:  Kicked off the year with 3 Little Questions for Greater Greener Living that just might make a difference.  Also this month, there was a fun series on Kicking the P&P Habit.

February: Wrapped up the P&P Habit series and offered up easy DIY instructions for turning an old t-shirt into a tote bag.

March: Reuse and Refine – ideas for moving from disposable to reusable.  Also ideas for resourceful book shopping.

April: 10 Ways to Appreciate Earth Day Any Day and a product review of one of my very favorite items to reduce the drycleaning bags – The Green Garmento.

May: Off to New York for the Audubon Women in Conservation Rachel Carson Awards event which was inspiring and an honor to attend.  Then back home to think about ideas for creative summer fun.

June: As hot summer months began, water conservation was the thought at hand as well as a few reflections on the oil disaster 90 days later.

July: Revisited ways to get off those mailing lists to keep the junk mail to a minimum.  Then car trouble forced us into a carpool arrangement which we found wasn’t so bad after all.

August: Back to New York for BlogHer where much was learned, videos shot and great connections made.  Coming back to a dirty house sent me into a tailspin to review ways to replace the toxic bad guy cleaners with the good, clean and green ones.

September: A busy month now that summer was ending, it was time for a healthy pantry pick up, tips for storing summer herbs and questions to consider to green your non-green clothing purchase.

October: Pondered pre-cycling and packaging and ways to be a savvy green consumer to finish off this thought.

November: As holiday shopping begins, a post from the “recycle bin” about stores that pay you to bring your bags got a lot of action.  In keeping with the shopping theme, shared ideas on how to shop greener for the holidays.

December: 10 Green Gifts for Teacher to consider, a holiday gift guide round up and end of year donation drop off’s to clear out for the year ahead.

There were also few product reviews, contests, shop and save tips in the mix too along with monthly eco-resolutions implemented last January to help us along this path of greater eco-awareness.

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting. It is truly appreciated and stay tuned for more in 2011.

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