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I make several trips to Goodwill each year to donate items including that 11th hour, December 30th trip, along with everyone else in the city for last minute tax deductions!  When I see all the bags and boxes of things that need to be sorted out by the staff, I wonder if it’s trash or treasure I’m donating!

Well by the number of Goodwill retail locations popping up, there are lots of great things being donated. I know because I have found many and I donate to give extended life to things I don’t use or no longer need.  And that also means giving many job opportunities for those in need.  Store revenues help provide the necessary training for all kinds of  jobs in healthcare, IT, retail sales and management, food services, banking, manufacturing and more.

Last year 1.9 million people were served through employment and training programs and 20.1 million were provided workforce development programs.  Goodwill’s revenue was $3.7 billion and 83% of that was used for the programs and services provided. Pretty amazing!

What else is pretty amazing or actually shocking is that despite the donations received, 68 billion pounds of clothing and textiles are still being trashed each year!  With that Goodwill has partnered with Levi Strauss & Co. to move forward The Donate Movement to encourage and increase awareness of the power of donating all of which makes a difference in people’s lives, strengthens communities and creates a healthier environment. Levi’s  launched “A Care Tag for Our Planet” and was the first major retailer to include messaging on product care tags encouraging people to wash in cold, line dry and donate to Goodwill.

We all know that the the universal symbol for recycling reminds us to recycle bottles, paper, cans and more.  Now with Goodwill’s Donate icon, this can be the universal reminder to recycle  clothing, household items and electronics through responsible donation, helping provide opportunities for others while diverting usable items from landfills.

Check out this handy donation impact calculator, and you can see just what your item can mean in terms of services provided to someone who needs it.  So get going and donate now!

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1 Amey Owen November 4, 2010 at 8:57 pm

I recently myself learned about The Donate Movement after donating some old things at Goodwill. It’s such a cool thing to get involved in and it’s easy too– just by donating we can make such an impact not only on our environment– but our communities and people’s lives. 🙂

2 Jeanne November 4, 2010 at 10:28 pm

Well said Amey! Thanks for visiting and spread the word!

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