The Corporate Carpool…Our Experience Firsthand

In keeping with our ongoing effort to drive down fuel consumption and carbon emissions, I wanted to share an experience in our family regarding carpooling.

As a work-at-home-mom and with kids and activities, I welcome the chance to carpool to school, for birthday parties and other activities.  At one time though, I always poo pooed the idea of carpooling to work.  That was when I was  a “busy’ sales and marketing professional and required freedom and flexibility to come and go and travel miles to my next appointment.  My husband on the other hand, has always worked in the corporate headquarters and rarely travels outside of the office.  His meetings are either internal, via Skype or a webinar.

Recently there was an issue with his car so he was forced to look for a ride to his office which by the way, is about 35-40 highway miles away one way.   This was not something I could easily help out with as it conflicted with the morning school schedule, so through a corporate bulletin board he connected with a few others who lived here and commuted together.

“Uggh!  What a pain this will be!”,  we groaned.  Well after several months, and even after he got the car back from the shop he continues to carpool every day with a few exceptions here and there.  It hasn’t been as “painful” as we thought and we are seeing the savings in gas money as well as wear and tear on the car, not to mention this small contribution we can make to the environment.

By driving only one to two days per week, he has eliminated 200 – 250 miles on his car each week as well as cutting trips to the pump in half ($20 or so per week) – now that adds up.  In terms of CO2 output that’s a significant reduction as well.  There are three and sometimes four in his carpool each driving one to two days per week and with the average driver releasing 5.5 tons of CO2 per year there is some serious elimination going on there.

So moral of the story…don’t poo poo the carpool like I once did.  Depending on your situation, you might find the pieces fit and work better together than imagined.  What’s your experience?

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