Thrill of the Hunt: A New Earth and Other Tips for Resourceful Book Shopping!

This week at our new Salvation Army store, I stumbled across a brand new and what looks like a never read copy of “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle for a buck. You know the one Oprah raved about. I do think this is an incredible piece of work and my copy is worn out with earmarks and sideline notes and waterlogged too by being left out in the rain one day.  I guess the Universe is telling me something so here I go again to re-read.

This has nothing to do with our physical environment here on earth but rather our mental state and the process from shifting our consciousness from the egoic mind to a place where we can “breathe freely” and understand who we truly are .  If only we all could attain this state of awareness…what a positive impact it would have on our world.

And the same is true for our buying and daily living habits.  If only we all could attain a more conscious way of purchasing, using, disposing…what a difference that would make too.

So just like purchasing a new book, keep these options open before heading off to the big box book store.  It’s not that I don’t like new books – I love them actually and spending time in my nearby B&N.  However if I can find a gently used version, especially for book club selections, I feel I’m doing my part to be a little more resourceful.

Church/Civic Group Book Sales:  Aside from the used book store, these fundraisers can also be a literary treasure trove.  Make your list and hit it hard knowing your purchases are benefiting a worthy cause.

Local Library: Why buy when you can check out for free?  Many libraries allow you to go online and checkout, reserve or be placed on a waiting list.  My library also lets me select which branch I would like to pick up, making it that much easier.

Paperback Swap: A new twist on a book club, Paperback Swap, allows you to trade and exchange books for free.  List the books you’d like to swap with other club members and only pay the cost to ship to the club member requesting your book.  Search for your book, request and it will be sent to you at no additional cost.

BetterWorld Books:  With over two million new and used books in stock, BetterWorldBooks has salvaged over 29 million books from landfills, has funded over 6.5 million dollars for literacy and education and donated over one million books to partner programs around the world.  Here you can sell or donate your old books or buy new or used with free shipping always.  From my own experience, customer service is top notch and shipping is fast.

So whatever route you choose, remember to donate, swap or sell back when you’re done to keep the story going.

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