Kick the Habit – 7 Steps to Becoming Paper & Plastic Bag Free – Steps 5, 6, 7

To recap, we’ve acknowledged, recognized, and purchased.  Then in step four we mastered the four phases of environmental consciousness.  Now we wrap it up with the final steps.

5. Forgive yourself of those past eco-sins.  The past is the past, let go and move on.  Now better equipped with both knowledge and tools, you should never falter again.  Plus check out this earlier post to learn how it pays to bring your bags too.

6.  Be patient with the cashiers as they are programmed for plastic.  Yes, they will try and “push” a plastic bag on you for the ice cream or rotisserie chicken, but be strong and just say no.

7.  Intervene and help others who are still stranded alongside of the eco-road. Carry an extra bag or two and offer one up in the checkout line or to a family or friend in need.


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