Welcome to The Green Samaritan!

GreenSamaritanfinalWelcome to The Green Samaritan!  A place to learn, share, give and receive.

Lending a helping hand, we want to share the best advice, resources and tips to help you on your journey towards clean, green, healthy and happy living.

It’s a mix of goodness, greenness and kindness to the world around us.  Check out the latest blog post, top picks or get inspired by our featured photos and quotes.

Looking for non-toxic, organic, healthier, long-lasting options for everyday life? Then hop on over to Ecoavenue,  our companion shopping service where we have curated items in one place to make it simple and easy to find great products you might need for your health and well being, ecoavenue_final high res (small) (400x48) (2)kitchen, children, home, garden and more. Plus a portion of proceeds will go back towards The Green Samaritan’s philanthropic efforts.

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So there you have it!  Enjoy the site and share it forward!

Learn, Share, Give, Receive!

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