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GreenSamaritanfinalWith so much information out there, the intention of  The Green Samaritan is two-fold.

First, to gather up all the information so you don’t have to, and then pull out and share the best advice, resources and tips to help you on your journey towards clean, green and healthy living. 

When we are curious about topic or want to know more, we look to those who are truly immersed like passionate Green Mom Bloggers, LEED Accredited or Green Building Professionals, Non-Profit Groups and Ec0-Experts in the fields of recycling and reuse, energy, food and fashion.   Then we wrap it up and present it in a quick and snappy way that others, like you and me, can learn from too.

Check out the Quick Start Guide or read more about the books and products we’ve reviewed!  If you are a business or community group and are looking for good, green content for internal publications,  find out how you can work with TGS.  And of course, remember to subscribe to get all the latest tips and updates.

So there you have it!  Enjoy the site and share it forward!

Learn, Share, Give, Receive!


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